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          Our kennel was born out of passion for Akita dogs. Everyone who associates with Akita, even for a short time, experiences its uniqueness resulting from the indelible characteristics of the breed.
















          Dorothy and Andrew. Two people who always somehow live against the wind and against the rules. We escaped from the big city to the countryside to live in the Meiyo forest - our first female dog was supposed to be the fulfillment of the biggest dream. Since we have no children, she became our child. We loved her from the first moment. The little ball has grown into a proud, incredibly smart and devoted bitch. She showed us that the choice of this particular breed was a bull's-eye. We wanted an independent, characterful dog that would be our companion in every situation. And that's exactly what Meiyo is. He waits for hours for our arrival and then greets us with a crazy dance to return to watching the area closely after a while. All Meiyo. All the amazing moments that we experienced with her made us buy another dog and another and another. Because how to end an adventure that has become a passion and joy, but at the same time a great duty and a sense of responsibility for these beautiful, dignified and very unique dogs.

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Invitations to make you feel  Our dogs. Kadýn is different because no two Akitas are the same. This is a description of our family, our dearest companions in life, so don't expect a dry genealogy, dear guest. This is our family album. We invite you.

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